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Collective Pegs

Architects Collective


Collective Pegs, funded in 2008, it was a group of architects and artists who express their opinions through words, images, photos and drawings.

The aim was to show their ideas by marking cultural differences, contradictions and mistakes. They tried to form an identity made by many, a strong group that aimed to outclass cultural stereotypes and architectural depressions.

nomad is the topic that Collective Pegs discussed for a exhibition organized by La Maggiò Costruzioni an engineer & construction company that is specialized on prefab structures.

We choosed a topic that fitted with the prefab, self-construction, dismountable world and how these factors were taking the architecture world to a nomad interpretation of lifestyles, materials, and values.

Understanding the potential of these kind of possibilities as a way for entering quietly in the ancient tray of ours old cities, but in parallel as a new way to rethink the expansion of the cities and its suburbs.

The location of the exhibition, Lago d’Iseo ( Italy ) is also a provocation to (re)think about the value of the landscape in architecture, and promote a new kind of buildings that lightly interact with the ground and that can quickly be move or remove according to the request of our liquid society.  

Download the entire works on pdf here or read it directly online.

Riccardo Daniel

Diletta Baiguera

Tiziana Mazzolini

Chiara Martinuzzi

Ghan Oudhuis

Manuel Incitti

Marco Carraro

Marco De Nobili

Matteo Maggiò

Monica Busetto

Sara Del Rìo Seoane

Tommaso Gomiero

Vanessa Guzzini

Andrea Fortunati

Fabio Tossuti

Marina Pardal Carbia

Alex Rocco


Habita, Lago d'Iseo, Italy, 2018

supported by La Maggiò Costruzioni

Biennale di Pisa, Italy, 2017

FuoriSalone, Milano, Italy, 2018

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