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AMR_Ogasawara Resort

Architecture Competition



The Ogasawara Islands ( Bonin Island ) located in Japan and the World Natural Heritage Site, it is a precious island where the uncontaminated nature is the main protagonist.


Since UNESCO’s recognization as a heritage site, the tourism business has accelerated faster than ever. The need for new facilities started a new urban business development for the entire island.


And with such a high level of internationally quality recognization, the target for the new tourism facilities was a high-class resort that could respect the environment by using a smart design approach. 


The project developed by NAAD used the advantages of the surrounding and prefab technologies to make the concept become true.

The project is made by three elements, connected with each other. The shape and the position of the plans have been decided due to the natural environment: the V shape reminds the spot of a camera during the act of capturing the panorama.


The project is made by Hotel Units ( 25 units between single and double rooms) , Private Estates ( rooms with living, dining, kitchen ), and 10 Penthouse. On the connection and intersection, areas are located in the communal space ( lobby, spa, gym, restaurant ).



The design concept achieves to save most of the environment by using prefab concrete elements that can be transported from Tokyo by boat and by saving the existing nature on the spot. 

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