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TAB_Theater Padua

Architecture Competition

w/ Fortunati-Gomiero-Sarto


The definition of urban regeneration binds us to the future.

Everyone must realize that we are facing a historical moment where we have the awareness of being able to improve the quality of life in the growth of the city.

We have the knowledge and skills for sustainable projects: it means actions that do not harm the future of our children.

Shared projects that go beyond the idea of ​​zoning that built our suburbs; projects sum of specific knowledge in a circular vision where nobody is excluded but is responsibly involved.

The courage to do things differently is a spirit that is well suited to the Albignasego theatre competition; We need to use new paths and languages ​​to reach a project idea that is "outside its traditional framework", aware that a good landscape is a social need, and the urban park becomes its symbol.

We have proposed a solution that does not end in itself, not a monologue, but we intended to give quality to the open spaces. Systems of places where new and existing buildings coexist.

A place where the individual feels free but also protected.

On this synthetic premise stands the proposed project for the young theatre, which imagines it the result of a dream of the citizens of Albignasego and a conscious response from a forward-looking Administration.

The proposed solution responds to competition requests, wants to be an inclusive response to the existing building fabric, using an archetypal element of the city which is the street. Urban junction points, connections, and green connections have been indicated for a reading of the planned and existing landscape. In this sense, an open space created to celebrate the diversity of local needs. The "measured" space unfolds, manifesting itself as a garden and cycle path, squares and play areas, places for meeting and meditation where the different ethnic groups that inhabit the surrounding neighbourhoods will be recognized because space has been designed to encourage dialogue.

Like a piece carved and extracted from "La gran Carta del Padovano Rizzi Zannoni" of 1780, the proposed solution finds the conjugating form function and sense, where the road is the scene of the project.

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