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Architecture Competition


History evolution defines culture and values. Each monument represents a part of an individual's cultural identity. 

The strength of ideals and glorious past identities led man to fight to demonstrate which culture should prevail. After two world wars, the discussion is still open.

The Ueru project wants to show how the recognition of the quality and values of a monument should not stop at the border of a state or a culture, but rather spread and become accessible to the world through a temporary exchange of monuments between countries. This would be realised through a dismantlement based on a parameterized model and reassembled through a magnetic bubble created by a steel structure.

Imagine the symbol of Christianity, St. Peter's Basilica in Rome moved to Saudi Arabia or Lenin's mausoleum in Moscow exchanged for the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. Everyone would be invited to understand the other culture and respect it because in the same way, their building will be in another country. 

The iconic buildings become temporary monuments made for cities rebirth, everyone will miss their roots but they will be in touch with something they will understand and accept. 

You will miss what you lose, you will learn what you get.

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