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Architecture Competition


"Asíntota" is an urban totem and generator of new spaces in the Escuelas Trevijano square. The project is articulated between two forms: the tree and the sculpture, dividing the square into two parts.

This new architectural graft has two different facades. With its double shape, curved on one side and flat on the other, it is capable of hosting different events.

The curved side faces the Valvanerada monument. This side has a casual inclination to share and organise events. The vertical evolution of the project allows the use of projectors and other digital tools for the realisation of, for example, town meetings and open-air cinema.

The flat axis of the pavilion faces the La Rioja Tourist Office and incorporates the beautiful cherry tree along with its seating. On this side the structure supporting "Asíntota" is clear and legible. The wooden structural grid that supports the project and the base that prevents it from tipping over constitute a new image for the square: the tree becomes the protagonist in the centre of the composition and in front of it a small stage that can host multiple cultural events.

The negation of the relationship between the statue and the tree, and therefore the cutting of the square into two parts, allows the citizen to focus his attention on each of the elements that previously, as a whole, collided with each other.

"Asíntota" is removable, reusable and recyclable. The structure is made up of a structural framework made entirely of white lacquered wood.


The Ultralight Poplar panels supplied by the local company Garnica are placed on this base. The entire structure can be designed using Japanese-style iron-free interlocking systems that will make the operation more sustainable and recyclable.

"Asíntota" is the search for a temporary monumentality that will be welcomed by the citizens. Although its structure is slender and dismountable, its memory will be imprinted thanks to the events and activities that will mark the memory of the citizens of Logroño.

CON Grafica 2d-01-01.jpg
CON Grafica 2d PIANTA-01.jpg
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