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TPH_Triumph Pavillion

Architecture Competition



In Bethnal Green, in the area between the Museum of Childhood and St. John Church, a new pavilion will take place: The Stripes Pavilion.

The project is located in the middle of the Museum Garden and its space of 100 m2 is divided internally into three main blocks based on the most significant pedestrian routes in the park. 

The relation between inside and outside is promiscuous, private and public don’t separate. The 3 spaces will create a visual connection between the architectural elements in the surrounding. The Stripes Pavilion is made up by a light prefab steel structure that can be moved, mounted and dismounted easily anytime.

The division between the interior and the outside is provided by a PVC wall (polyvinyl chloride) made by stripes that can be moved from the Museum Garden visitors.

These plastic membranes are reflective and they come in different colours: in the perimeter they are transparent but the in the inside they are colourful, in a palette of colours extracted from a surrounding study.

The light treatment is the main feature of the structure: the PVC is able to reflect trees and grass in the surrounding creating a sort of camouflage box where people can play on the inside and outside. Also, the internal coloured PVC is movable out of the perimeter of the pavilion. In this way, the pavilion interior becomes an open square without divisions and from the outside, the pavilion becomes a sculpture in which different colours are reflected in the surrounding.

The light doesn’t stop at nighttime. The pavilion steel structure is equipped with a “glow in the dark” surface treatment that, without any kind of electricity and with a extremely cheap budget, will glow in the dark, even when the garden is closed, representing a steady and alive 24/7 social dialogue through architecture. 

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