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Product Design

w/ Rocco


Support to the sailor, symbol for the wanderer and rule in the disorderly shoe. This is the bricola.

A wooden structure formed by poles, whose purpose is to guide and regulate the waterways in the Venice lagoon. Being a solid presence and a concrete reference is a basis of the concept for the Bricoe collection, made up of 4 punctual and massive elements: Custode, Fondamento, Lume and Onda.

These Crema Luna masses finished with brass profiles accompany the user experience in different daily uses through the simplicity of the shapes and attention to detail. Each element of the collection stands for its functional and formal integrity, bringing space to define itself as a place. Bricoe is a project that knows no time, the column is full of values, in which everyone can recognize themselves.

The collection leaves complete freedom to the customer in the combinations, the relationship between the different elements is constant and virtuous.

The Bricoe project presents itself as the protagonist in an intimate dialogue between man and the symbol, between the visible and the invisible, between knowledge and oblivion.

Totem of meanings in the desert of values, like the bricole in the Lagoon.

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