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Architecture Competition

w/ Kawabata


Sakariba is a Japanese word that identifies a space where the community can meet, promote events, and create a social community.

The urban strategies used in the last century was deeply focused on the serial and mass design in order to increase the construction market and to respond to the population density who were increasing in the big metropolises around the world.

The sakariba is needed today to preserve the social identity of a society, meeting space, open-air areas. But for the market, it is totally inconvenient to invest in this kind of project, because of the poor return on investment. 

With this information in mind, we have started working on concepts for a moving and floating social design. The idea is to use a floating structure that travels around the world to promote public space also in an area where it is difficult to have it. The “social ship” held an event during the trip to the next destination and when it docks it generates a new attraction point in the host city. The floating structure will support the growth of a new Sakariba space by reconnecting the local community and make them working on new vernacular solutions to equalizing the urban space. Local architects, designers, and artists will give shape to the community identities by using workshops and keynotes with the citizen.


When the community established and complete their structures, squares, popup stores, and other social and economic facilities, the “social ship” leaves the area looking for the next destinations. 

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