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Architecture Competition


'Landscape to me is a planar thing, just a view. The environment is everything.’

Michael Heizer

Wild horizons and barren moors. Various land-art artists have already explored Nevada wasteland environment, highlighting the contrast between human touch and arid nature and promoting the embrace of a savage site condition state to create monumental natural-based art masterpieces.

Acknowledging the identity of Mojave desert, the project aim is to create a balanced dichotomy between human futuristic technology and mother nature. Respecting the landscape, Hyperloop Campus will threat the site in the most sustainable way: land-art likewise, campus buildings will be settled underground in order to elevate the essence of the desert and to generate natural insulation to avoid high temperatures.

On top of these complex underground geometries stands the Hyperloop, the heart of the entire project. The testing tube is a landmark that determinates the mark of the man on the earth, it can be seen from the inside of all the subterranean facilities. Hyperloop will be a giant land-art structure that everyone will recognize as their own achievement as a human being.


Hyperloop will represent a new technological era for mankind, it will surpass every geopolitical barrier: like the Tower of Babel, whose purpose was to bond all different populations under a strong icon, this technological prodigy will be identified as a new symbol that will break bonders and frontiers.

HDC_Hyperloop image5.png
HDC_Hyperloop image3.png
HDC_Hyperloop image1.png
HDC_Hyperloop image2.png
HDC_Hyperloop image4.png
HDC_Hyperloop image6.png
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