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OBH clean render.jpg

OBH_The Siege

Architecture Competition

w/ Rocco


From Mikolaj Kopernik to Carl Sagan, scientists tried to give an answer to stars.
For someone were guide into the storm. Many want just to hold one and save it in a box, to find the shine when everything becomes dark. 

The concept of the project starts with the idea of steal the stars from the sky, closing them on a frame,
in which everyone can have a personal experience. As a relaxing holiday or a focus cosmology study period. 

The frames are included in bigger ones, the buildings boxes. Made in laminated wood are easy to construct, to change and remodelled for new future functions. Every box is placed for have a unique relationship with the sky. 

The boxes are held by a steel structure that follows the morphology landscape, without modifying the pre-existence. These structures will be totem for open space squares that step by step will reach the Roccascalegna’s fortress. 

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