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Day view with black ball copy.jpg

LAG_Land Art

Architecture Competition

w/ Shiho


The desert is a hostile and inhospitable place, where nature alone reigns. For millennia, man has built an identity out of these places by creating oasis, using just what nature was offering. The oasis in the middle of a desert represents a miracle, an unexpected event.

The man who travels is aware of the unpredictability of nature, but it also represents an appealing feature that pushes him not to give up. Something coming is always exciting: the desire and curiosity make the human soul vibrate.

As the rose of Jericho, which lives following the rhythm of nature, Unexpected Scenarios high- lights the concept of nature in this case, sun irradiation- deciding for the next event to take place. The project includes two plazas, one made out of desert sand in which three black spheres used for collecting sun energy are set and the other one, surrounded by green, in which a big white sphere

will host the events.

The interior of the black spheres is covered by mirror panels that concentrate the solar energy on solar thermal storage that works with a Dual Shell Stirling EngineTM (patented by ADI Solar Corporation) with a capacity between 25 kWh and 100 kWh. This system collects the energy and uses it to manage the maintenance of the area and mainly for inflating the bright 40m white sphere, where exhibitions and concerts can be organized. Every day, the energy coming from the sun will give life to a gigantic sculpture, a new landmark for the citizen where to meet and socialize.

Unexpected Scenarios does not provide a static object but a daily event sculpture generated by nature. As in life, everyday waits for the next scenarios.

Interior view copy.jpg
Night view with white ball copy.jpg
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