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MOL_Language Museum

Architecture Competition

w/ Fortunati


Speaking is language.  Listening is language.  Touching is language.  Seeing is language.  Culture is language.  History is language.


Language is the foundation of cultures, the quintessence of every society: language reflects the complexity of a community.

The Museum of Language is a monument, a memorial to what it is and what it was; a shape that has its roots in the very first speeches and evolving into much different knowledge through elevation. 

The Museum will represent a place for equality where everyone is on the same level and will have the opportunity to feel, hear, see, touch every single culture. The concept behind the museum is to create a common space in which every person can find himself while exploring the others.


The main structure is supported and surrounded by independent subterranean buildings, in which different activities will take place. This buildings complex could make an excellent new landmark for Londoners, offering the chance to carry on events or activities completely separate from the Museum.

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