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CFS_Ca'Foscari 150

Visual Design

w/ Magoga


The University of Ca 'Foscari is synonymous with excellence in the Italian territory, which through the didactic offer and the wide research fields recognize it as an international reference point. Part of its value is consolidated by the deep territorial connection with the city to which it belongs: Venice.

It is precisely the lagoon that becomes inspiration and rules for the logo of the 150 years of the University founded by Luigi Luzzatti, its archetypal forms become inspiration for the search for a new symbol of identity.

The logo is based on the construction of a circle characterized by two stylized eyes formed by the Ca 'Foscari logo and the zero of the number 150, representing the attentive gaze on the world and research. Inside this circular shape is the anniversary number which highlights the two centuries of values ​​that this University continues to preserve and the bow of the gondola, the collective image and memory of Venetian life.

The union of all these elements, different in representation and value, connect to form a single entity, as 156 years ago it was also for our country, Italy.

Venice is the mainline for the development of the logo for the 150 years of Ca 'Foscari University, excellence in the Italian territory and an organ of international importance thanks to its didactic and research offer.

The logo comes from the union of some symbols of the lagoon city that has always hosted the buildings and students of Ca'Foscari University, together with the lion of San Marco, symbol of the city and university.

The essential and minimal representation of the facade of the basilica of San Marco, combined with that of the Rialto bridge together with the years of scientific dissemination of the University, builds an image full of values, sounds and smells. A vivid reminder of a past never passed.

“The poor and the rich lead the same life, have the same fate. Uniform and similar houses ban any idea of ​​the variety of luck from your citizens. This equality prevents every occasion of jealousy and contention. " Cassiodorus, minister of King Theodoric.

Equality in diversity, union in values. It was customary in the Serenissima Republic, it became the flag for the Unification of Italy and will be the future of Ca'Foscari University.

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