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KKY_Boring Eraser

Product Design


Every student has found himself at least once in his life in a very boring lecture, conference or presentation.


Before the smart- phones came along, people for killing time were doing many different activities: origami, dreaming looking out of the window and hit the eraser by filling it with holes.


This gesture so sponta- neous and contemporary can become a post-normal manifesto, where the interpretation of feelings such as boredom and stress can be transformed into new forms of design. Himakeshi is an eraser but will have other several uses: it can be used as a pen holder in the class or office, but also through its four colours can be used as a key holder and accessory for bags and backpacks.

Himakeshi main purpose will be to encourage new creative

uses to defeat boredom: build towers through the combination of several erasers connected with pencils and pens, or use the eraser as an anti-stress device by spinning it through the main hole.


This product embraces the concept of post-normal by giving to the users the possibility to interpret and use in a new creative way the product.

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