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LWD_Lazy Tower

Architecture Competition


The frenzy modern times we are living don’t give us freedom from work and daily problems. In Japan, job stress trauma is one of the biggest issues of society. In Tokyo, workers leave the office late without having any spare time for themselves.
The idea of the Lazy Tower is to support boringness, nap and laziness in a place where people can take their time and manage it as they like by doing simply nothing. The tower is a concept that can be repeated, in different shape, in the wasted spaces between the buildings of Tokyo. The use of wood for this tower is a landmark that reminds the colours and the smell of the traditional Japanese temples. Inside them, you can find peace and time for meditating and in this way the tower aspire to create this new urban scenario that connects the present and the past.

The Lazy Tower dimensions are: 3.0m x 12.5 m x 18 m

The tower is made by a timber diagrid structure made by Lunawood products:

Luna Post element (140x140 and 88x88) as pillars and Lunar SHP (42x140) for the beams. The rigidity of the floor is guaranteed by the Lunar SHP (26x117) and sun protector facade is achieved by Luna Corner Trim (43x43).

LazyTower Interior conference s.jpg
LazyTower Interior Bed s.jpg
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