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Concept Game

w/ Fortunati


1- Play Videogame

2- Play Tennis
3- Play Bowling
4- Play Soccer

5- Play Hockey

6- Play Cards

7- Play Basketball

8- Play Acting
9- Play Volleyball

10- Play Karaoke

11- Play Drum

12- Play Golf

13- Play Gym

14- Play Lottery

15- Play Baseball

16- Play Chess

Playing is strongly associated with movement and relationship with others. From sports to music all actions that are followed by the verb Play are connected to rules and a special environment that control them.

Hyperplay is indeed an architecture of wall and pavements but also goes beyond the physical peculiarity of architecture.


Hyperplay is an abstract architectural board game that brings the Play motions to any environment. Instead of using AR technology, HyperPlay brings an architecture space for playing to a new undefined location: your house, your workplaces, your vehicles.

HyperPlay sets the actions regardeless of the site where they take place and it re-interprets itself every time in a different way with rules decided time by time by its players.





- Players choose a symbol and start moving on the board.
- Players can move between activity that are intersecated.
- HyperPlay has 16 different activities to play, the number identify the kind of activity.
- When 2 (or more) players are in the same activity they have to play together.
- The activity is set on the place where the people are located. The limits and the rules are naturally set by the environment and player
- The players points system is: 1st (10pts), 2nd (5pts), 3rd (2pts), 4th (1 pt)
- Win the game the player who score first 51 pts.

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